Homeinner Need lot of details before starting the design work , we can divide these data as follows

  1. No of floors
  2. Rooms and amenities details
  3. Total area – Including all floors
  4. Plot details
  5. Design you like
  6. Construction starting date
  7. Project location
  8. Design documents required

No of floors

Total no of floors like , Ground floor + first floor , or ground floor only .

Rooms and amenities details

sample room details as follows , please don’t copy paste this since your requirement should be as per your need.

Ground floor room details

  • Car porch
  • Sitout
  • Living room
  • Pooja room
  • bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Common bathroom and washroom
  • Bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Dining room and staircase
  • Master bedroom with attached bathroom and dress area
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
  • Outside common toilet

First floor room details

  • Balcony
  • Upper living room hall
  • Master bedroom with attached bathroom and dress area
  • side open terrace

Total area – Including all floors

Sample details as follows

  • Ground floor area : 2322 sq ft
  • Porch area : 212 sq ft
  • First floor area : 737 sq ft
  • Total Area : 3271 sq ft

Plot details

Sample dimension as follows , if you have proper plot sketch with dimension and shape that will help us to do better design.

  • Width – 18 Meter
  • Length – 18 Meter

Design you like

Design details you like as follows

  • 3D design you collected from Homeinner website
  • plan sketch you have hand sketched as per your idea
  • photos of existing home

Construction starting date (Applicable to paid design projects only )

Start date of your construction project like site preparation , so we can preplan the design activities before it happen (Applicable to paid design projects only )

Project location

Your project location

Design documents required (Applicable to paid design projects only )

Details of documents required . We have design packages – If you need additional you can pay the remaining amount get the extra documents required any time .   (Design Fee for the extra documents will be calculated as per Homeinner home design service rates ) .