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Terms of Use or Terms of Service

All home design documents provided by Homeinner or associate home designers are for reference purpose only not for direct construction or execution.  All the construction design like floor plan or other design documents should be verified and reviewed by an Local Architect or Engineer or Structural designer before using in the construction .  For any correction from your professional may communicated with us and we may do the customisation at additional service fee.

All our design package or house package sale gives you rights to use for single person (one who brought) and one time use only , It should not be shared with others , nor published in social media website , nor sell to others or modify and distribute without our prior permission.

Homeinner home design blog content is for reference purpose not used for any execution in live villa construction projects .  All contents are Homeinner or associate designers copyrighted . The contents should not be redistributed or republished in any other media without our prior permission .

The construction if any mentioned in any of the design is an average cost of construction at the date of publishing in India . The construction cost only include the cost to build the superstructure . This cost doesn't include the foundation cost , Interior decoration cost , Wood work cost , Plumbing and electrical cost , Roofing work cost , Painting or flooring work cost  or other miscellaneous costs. The construction cost is an average RCC construction cost for superstructure . This cost is not calculated for particular building or particular location or particular material but based on the lowest cost required to build an superstructure in India . This cost may be not be accurate so make sure , you are consulting with a local builder or Engineer or Architect for the actual cost before starting the work or using any documents mentioned at Homeinner . Homeinner never provide any construction service or interior service .

The Sanction drawings , Plumbing drawings and structural analysis/design documents are not part of any home design service package . These drawings or other legal papers should be prepared by a local engineer or architect or structural designer .

Homeinner home design package only include design work (3D design) and its details , these design work doesn't considered the plot location building rules and these should be taken care by the customer Architect or Engineer .

All the home design drawings provided by Homeinner should be properly reviewed before construction by customer side expert Engineers or Architect or Building supervisor or structural engineer ,The Required amendments or changes if required in the design drawing is treated as new design work and billed extra . 
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