Modern Contemporary Tamil Nadu Home Design

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Number Of Floors:2
Designed By Architectural designer : Homeinner

About the home design

This modern contemporary Tamilnadu home design is done by Homeinner

About the Home designer

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Email: [email protected]
Phone: 8089282120

Budget Details

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Budget / Construction cost (Approximate) :

Lakh or more
Note : The construction cost is depend on the selection of materials, Location of project , Labor cost, Project management cost, Contractors profit, Wastage cost and Government taxes. For the exact cost of construction kindly approach an professional project estimators.

Interior Design

Budget - Interior design cost rough estimate

Note : The approximate interior decoration cost will be ₹ calculating.../- Indian Rupees , You may contact a nearby Interior decorator for an exact cost of the interior design project . The pricing may depend on the area of decoration works, material , effort for the executions , site location , government taxes . Contact a professional interior design execution team for the exact cost.