Important Concepts of Vastu Shastra Traditional Indian Architecture

Important Concepts of Vastu Shastra Traditional Indian Architecture,Home Design,Traditional asian nepali wooden architecture IMG_2037,Wooden ArchitectureImportant concepts of Vastu Shastra traditional Indian architecture : Living the right way is very important if you want to have healthy, wealthy and a prosperous life that is peaceful, full of love and affection. Only a life filled with all these elements is said to be complete and everyone is entitled to it. The way we live out life, we think and we act, are all influenced by the elements in nature. It is said that the place where we live in highly influences our lives. That is why even in the modern world, people have realized the importance of Vastu Shastra that tells us the right manner of living.

Understanding Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is known as the science of good construction and architecture. It is a study of basic concept of living or building a home, office, or any other place that is used for any purpose. Vastu means ‘dwelling’ and Shastra means ‘science’. Vastu Shastra is ancient teachings from Indian civilization. It tells us how to build a structure in the correct manner so that we get positive energy in our life and think positively. With proper implementation of this ancient teaching, it helps to lead a fulfilled life. Vastu Shastra is designed on directions to build a structure.

Basic concepts of Vastu Shastra

It says that the Vastu Purusha forms the earth’s crust. When you place the Vastu Purusha on the earth, his head should point towards the northeast corner and the hands on North West and southeast and the legs on the southwest corner.
Thus, any construction that takes place should follow these rules. The length and the width of the structure should not disturb the Vastu Purusha, who is there on the plot. That’s not all, one has to consider the magnetic field, the gravitational field, position of earth, velocity of winds, the sun’s rays, and the intensity of rainfall while constructing a home. Vastu Shastra says that the house is scientific as well as spiritually right.

Elements of earth

According to the science of Vastu Shastra, the world is made of elements like earth, air, water, space and fire. These 5 elements are necessary to be in harmony to have a peaceful life. There should be a balance between the nature and human and a good connection between them makes life easy and happy. If there is harmony between these five elements, the people living in the house will enjoy health, wealth, good relationship and prosperity.

Vastu grid

Vastu grid has 64 grids for the temples and for residences there are 84 grids. Here every grid is the domain of a God. Some of the important Gods are:

  • The center is for Brahma – the creator of the universe.
  • The north is about the Lord of wealth
  • The east is about the Sun God
  • The south is about Lord of death
  • The west is about lord of water
  • Northeast is about Lord of Luck and faith
  • North West is about winds
  • South east of fire
  • South west of ancestors

This grid guides about how to construct rooms of the house and how to design entire house so that the gods of each area live there and give their blessings.

Importance of directions in Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra comprise of elements of the earth, the grid, and the directions which are very much important and should be all in harmony to create a balance between man and the nature. There are certain rules for constructing a house in a certain manner. There are some fixed directions for bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, garden, kitchen, lobby, study room, balcony etc. Even offices and other organizations like schools, malls, stores, etc. while constructing a house, everything should be in the right place and that is very important. The eight directions give a specific characteristics and a good balance to the whole house.
Let us take a look at how each direction work to provide a proper Vastu Shastra

  • West – west is suggested to be a pitiable direction. This direction in Vastu Shastra is not supposed to be good for any house. People should not build houses that have their entrance door facing to the west. If at all a door opens to the west do not lead a prosperous life. The western side is supposed to be the direction for women, yet women may not be able to have complete success. This direction is where the sun sets and this means that when the sun is setting, there are be negative energies while the sun is setting, which is why the entrance to the west is not advisable.
    On the other hand west is the direction of Varun and so it has most influence on water bodies. This direction is great for constructing a tank, or a staircase. Having an office here is also good or a garage as well.
  • East – east is the direction, where the sun rises and gives a new beginning. The direction is supposed to be beneficial for everyone in the house. The direction suggests prosperity. The entrance of the house should be facing this direction. While building a house, the east side should be left open so that the owner of the house has a long and prosperous life.
    The direction should have the entrance door, the living room, place of worship and study room. Lockers of the house, jewelry should be all stored facing this direction. However, no kitchen or toilet should be built in this direction.
  • South – south direction can be a debatable direction. There are obviously mixed feelings about whether or not people should build house facing this direction. It is believed that it decreases the human life and hence should be avoided.
    The south portion of the house should be such that it should be elevated than the other portion of the house. A tank can be situated in this direction. One can also build a staircase here. However, kitchen and dining room should not be facing this direction.
  • North – north direction is beneficial for those who have offices here. It is the direction of the business people. This direction does not have any negative impact if the house is built in this direction. The north side is supposed to be auspicious and also brings prosperity to everyone in the house. North side should be kept open so that it brings peace and comfort as well.
    The north side should have elevation and minimum construction should be done here. No toilets and garbage bins should be there in the north. No staircase should be built here or even kitchen in this part of the house. The space is beneficial if the space is kept open.
  •  Northeast – the direction is an auspicious one and promotes positive vibes among people living in the house. When constructing house certain care should be taken like having open spaces in this direction, having a slope or the entrance facing the street. The place is also considered holy as it has divine powers. If the direction is used properly, it provides wealth, health, reputation to the members of the house.
  • NorthWest – this direction is in-between the north and the west and thus is among the desired direction for interpersonal relationships. The members of the family will be highly influenced due to the direction of the house. If utilized properly, the direction will promote a healthy relationship with friends and family.
    However, this direction should not have an underground water tank. Even the kitchen or the dining room or even the master bedroom should not be here. If you want to have an extension of the house, it should not be in this direction. No basement should be built here either.
  • Southwest – this direction is known to be of the demons. It has a hold on the decisions you make regarding business. If the entrance is facing southwest, then there will bad events.
    Certain things should be taken care of when constructing a house like, this portion of the house should not be left open, there should not be a pit dug here. The owner of the house can even rent out the portion of the house. There should not be overhead tanks here or basements in this place as it promotes discord.
  • Southeast – this is a very beneficial direction and is supposed to have a kitchen. When construction takes place, this is the direction where the first pillar should be erected. This place is a very important part of the house and for Vastu Shastra as well. Various electrical appliances can be placed here as well. However, there should be no toilet or tank here.

Vastu Shastra compliant house design

After considering the places of the house and the important directions, it is also necessary to know the design and the placements too. The house should be rectangular or square. Angles should not be formed as they prevent positive energy from entering the house.

  • The columns should be in even numbers while constructing the house.
  • The drawing room should face the south or west or the North West direction.
  • Guest room should be facing the North West corner.
  • The dining room should be facing the North West corner of the house.
  • The prayer room should face northeast or east or north direction. No one should sleep in the prayer room and should worship God facing the east direction.
  • The bedrooms should also be facing various directions. The master bedroom should be in the southwest. The children’s bedroom should be to the west or North West of the house. The sleeping person should always point his head to the east direction.
  • The staircase should be facing to the west, or south or southwest direction. Prayer room should not be located below the staircase. The number of steps should be in odd numbers.

Important concepts of  Vasthu Shashtra – Land / plot selection

  • The plot of land where you are building the house should not be too porous.
  • The shape of the plot should not be irregular. Square or rectangular shapes are preferred.
  • The slope of the plot should facilitate the flow of water either in the North or East direction.
  • One should not buy land near a hospital or a graveyard as these places are full of negative energy.
  • A plot that faces west direction should be avoided. The presence of sunlight plays an important role here, and homes that do not get sufficient sunlight are prone to sickness.

How should be a perfect Vastu Shastra House?

  • The main entrance should face the east or the north. However, it should not face the compound wall.
  • The wall to the east should not be tall as it stalls the entry of Goddess Laxmi.
  • The main entrance should not face the opposite house or should not face south west, south and west.
  • 4. The master bedroom should be in the southwest of the house.
  •  The store room is to be situated to the southwest.
  • The kitchen should be built to the southeast or the north west of the house.
  • Water tank should be situated to the south west of the house.
  • Steps or staircase should be constructed to the southwest or the north west of the house.
  • Windows should not face the southwest side. They should also be built in even numbers.
  • The pooja room should be built on the east or northeast side of the house.
  • The bathroom should face the east side. However, it can also be situated in the North West or west, south or southwest side.
  •  The basement should be under the building or if you want to build it in one portion, then it should be to the north, northeast or east direction.
  • Store room should be facing to the southwest direction.
  •  The car garage is best situated to the south east or the North West side.