Amount of Building Tax in Kerala and How to apply for Building Tax in Kerala

If you wish to know What is amount of Building Tax in Kerala here is the complete Details

         Plinth area Gramapanchayath          Rs Municipality/special grade Panchayath
        100 Sq.m         No            No          No
         101 Sq.m   to 150 Sq.m       750            1350         2025
         151 to 200         1500            2700          4050
         201 Sq.m to
250 Sq.m
       3000             5400          8100
      250 Sq.m         3000+
600 (for each 10 Sqm)
(for each 10 Sqm)
(for each 10 Sqm)

Building Tax
Question Answer
How To Apply 1. The owner should intimate the completion/occupation of the building to Tahsildar in a Performa along with necessary details.
2. On receipt of the assessment order, the owner is liable to remit the tax in the Village Office.
Who can apply The owner of the building.
Whom to apply Tahsildar
Where To Apply Concerned taluk office
Documents required Approved plan
BT Receipt
Tax recepit  of the local body
Fees 2 TABLES – Residential Buildings/OTHER BUILDINGS
Luxuary tax is levied in addition to the building tax, at the  rate of Rs. 2000/-per annum for residential buildings, which are completed after 01.04.99 the plinth area of  exceeds 278.7M2.
Mode of payment Lump or 3 install ments if the party so desires
Time Limit-For Assessment No time limit
Approval Authority Tahasildar
Enquiry Enquiry through charge officers
Approval Procedure 1.Buildings are divided into Residential Building and other buildings.
2. Residential buildings are classified into following Slabs:-
Upto 100 M2,  100M2 upto 150 M2, Above 150 M2 and upto 200 M2, Above 200 M2 upto 250 M2, 250 M2 and addition of each 10 M2.
3. Other buildings are classified into following Slabs:-
Upto 50M2, Above 50M2 upto 75 M2, Above 75 M2 upto 100 M2, Above 100 M2 upto 150 M2, Above 200 M2 upto 250 M2, Above 250 M2, addition of each 10 M12.
4. Tax Based on the plinth area of buildings.
Exclusions Car Porch area adjoint to residential area is exempted
Special Conditions 1.On receipt of the assessment order, the owner is liable to remit the tax in the Village Office.
2. One can remit the Building Tax in Lump if he choose to  do so.  But, an assessee is eligible to remit the tax with  quarterly.

I. Buildings exempted from assessment of building tax:-
1. The buildings belonging to State Government, Central Government and those of any Local Self  Government Authorities.
2. Those buildings which are principally used for religious, charitable, educational purposes
3. Those building which are used as factories, workshops
II. Reduction in Building Tax
1. If theresidential building is constructed by the Nirmithi Kendra or built according to the plan approved by Nirmithi Kendra a reduction of 25% shall be allowed in taxAppellate Authority1. File appeal before the Revenue Divisional Officer within a period of 30 days from the date of receipt of the assessment order or demand notice.
2. Before filing the appeal you must have remitted at least one installment of the building tax.
3. The higher appellate authority against the Revenue Divisional officer’s order is District Collector.
the revision shall lie direct with the district collector
4. The revsion also lie with the govt. against suomotto revsion by district collector
Grievance RedressalThe appelate authority or revisional authority may at any time within 3 years from the date of an order passed by it in appeal or revision and the asseing authority may,at any time within 3 years from the date of assessment by its own motion or notice by the assesse may rectify any mistake apparent from the face of records