3D design service

Homeinner 3D  design fee

Homeinner 3D Exterior and Interior design service

  1. The Design fee is based on the per hour design charge
  2. The customers should pay advance amount min 9000 Indian Rupees or decided by as per work to start any design service
  3. Customisation or 3D design change service also cost the same per hour billing
  4. The final output will be in Image or pdf format
  5. We will not provide the source file for 3D design
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Key Details

3D design service details

Homeinner provide 3D exterior design and 3D interior design service to our customers.

3D Home elevations aka 3D exterior designs ares used mainly for real estate marketing or for custom home construction to visualise the exterior of the to be completed home.

3D Design requirement

The Homeinner shall provide 3D design as per these details

  1. Floor plan design in cad format or pdf format from an Architect or Engineer with all the necessary room dimensions details . The floor plan should be final one and Homeinner will not handle any customisation of the provided floor plan design before or after starting the 3D design service.
  2. 2D Elevation design in cad format from an Architect or Engineer with all the necessary design details.

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