2163 sq ft 4 Bedroom Modern Home Design

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Plan Details

2163 sq ft

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2D Home Plan Ground Floor
2D Home Plan First Floor
2D Front Elevation
3D Front Exterior View

Plan details

House plan main details

Area Range
: 2000-3000 sqft
: 4
: 4
: 2
: 1
Total Area
2163 sq ft
Ground floor dimension
: 12.8 mt front * 12.6 mt side
: Modern

Design Description

Readymade floor plan - room details

2163 sq ft 4 Bedroom Modern Home Design is the low budget Flat roof home design from Homeinner Team.The stylish home design having area of 2163 sq ft and the two story house plan consist of 4 Bedroom,4 Bathroom, ,Living, Dining,kitchen.The attractive feature of the house is small lawn or courtyard from the sit out is given with provision for sunlight.

2163 sq ft 4 Bedroom Modern Home Design Ground Floor Amenities

  • Car porch
  • Sit out
  • courtyard
  • Living area
  • Dining room
  • Kitchen
  • work area
  • Common bath
  • Two bedroom with one attached bath

2163 sq ft 4 Bedroom Modern Home Design First Floor Amenities

  • Two bedroom with attached bath
  • Balcony
  • Upper living
  • open terrace

Budget Details

Budget - construction cost details - 2163 sq ft 4 Bedroom Modern Home Design estimate

Budget / Construction cost (Approximate) :

Lakh or more
Note : The construction cost is depend on the selection of materials, Location of project , Labor cost, Project management cost, Contractors profit, Wastage cost and Government taxes. For the exact cost of construction kindly approach an professional project estimators.

Interior Design

Budget - Interior design cost rough estimate

Note : The approximate interior decoration cost will be ₹ calculating.../- Indian Rupees , You may contact a nearby Interior decorator for an exact cost of the interior design project . The pricing may depend on the area of decoration works, material , effort for the executions , site location , government taxes . Contact a professional interior design execution team for the exact cost.

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