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Free 1970 sq ft 3 Bedroom house plan

Number Of Floors:2
Built Up Area:182.50 sqm
Number Of Bedrooms:3 BHK
Living/Family Room:2
Number Of BathRooms:4
Number Of Balcony:2


Here is the Free Dream home plan from architectural designer TLM Ismail Ground Floor area is 99.50 sqm First Floor Area is 83 sqm

Plan Details

  • Bedroom : 3
  • Bathroom :4
  • Floors : 2
  • Kitchen : 1
  • Ground Floor Area : 99.50 sqm
  • First Floor Area :83 sqm
  • Porch Area : Not Specified
  • Total Area : 182.50 sqm
  • Ground floor dimension : Not Specified
  • Style : Contemporary

Home Design as per your requirement contact 

Home designer name :ismail
Home designer email :azeethas@gmail.com
Address:Sri Lanka

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