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800 sq ft Small Indian Home Design Photos

Searching for 800 sq ft Small Indian Home Design Photos ?  then here is a trendy and beautiful low cost home design concept from Homeinner 2 Bedroom house plan collection.This Home Design have 2 Bedroom with attached bathroom , Car porch , Small sitout , Drawing room , family living cum dining room ,Kitchen in small area of 800 sq ft.

800 sq ft Small Indian Home Design Photos Ground floor room details

  • Sitout
  • Living room aka drawing room
  • Dining room
  • Master Bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Bedroom with attached bathroom
  • Kitchen
  • Work area
  • Common bathroom

800 sq ft Small Indian Home Design Photos House area and Plot Details

  • Ground floor area : 858 sq ft
  • Total area : 858 sq ft
  • Width of the Building  :  24 Ft
  • Length of the Building : 38 Ft

Home Plan Code : HIND-3047

Plan Details

  • Bedroom : 2
  • Bathroom :3
  • Floors :1
  • Kitchen : 1
  • Ground Floor Area : 858 sq ft
  • First Floor Area :Not Specified
  • Porch Area :Not Specified
  • Total Area : 858 sq ft
  • Ground floor dimension : Width : 24 Ft Length : 38 Ft
  • Style : Contemporary

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