How to customize purchased floor plan

At any point of time you need the customisation of the Ready made plans that ordered via online purchase, you can easily get the customisation from a nearby local cad draftsman / engineer/ contractor team. Homeinner will provide the Cad file required for the customisation at an additional small price 2999 Indian rupees. The cad file includes the floor plan in 2D dwg format. Same cad file can also used to prepare the documents for building permit approval, home loan application with the help of a local consultants.

How to customize the floor plan 3D elevation

If you wish to customise 3D elevation since your plan customised or any other requirement change will be like creating a new home design, since it includes plan change and 3D elevation changes,Homeinner custom home design service can be used for the same. Contact us for information about our custom home design service.

License and ownership of the designs and drawings

The purchasing ready-made home plan package will grant you the permission to use Homeinner home plan for constructing a single home only, the permission is not transferable, reusable or not for commercial use. The complete ownership of the designs, drawings, floor plans, 3D designs and all design concept is not transferred to the customers or any others who will be using this ready made home plans. The home floor plans, 3D design or any other design deliverable part of this home design package should not be modified, cropped or altered for the purpose of getting ownership of the modified design. The license/ ownership will still remain with Homeinner. The customized plan or other design documentation will automatically assign ownership to Homeinner since its derivative of Homeinner creative work. The floor plans, 3D design, 2D design or any other documents should not publicly shared via email, social media, electronic media, printed copies, magazine, advertisement, showcasing, blogging, news or marketing materials, if any of our design used without our permission for the above purpose will lead to legal action against the wrongful person

How to get the villa construction – working – structural drawings

The working drawing, structural drawing and any other construction drawing can be prepared by the help of a professional contractors/ engineer who will help you to build your home. If you wish to use Homeinner working and structural drawing add-on service, kindly contact us for information about our working and structural drawing add-on service professional charges. If you are using Homeinner working drawing package service you have to assign a local engineer and structural consultant for approval, supervision and review of the provided drawing to meet the local condition , local building rules, structural safety guidelines and other engineering and structural consultation service. Homeinner will only act as a Home design service provider.